Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Thanksgiving Week!

 Happy Birthday Mom!  I am sending a card today, sorry if it is late!  But thanks for supporting me in everything I do!
We now have a pretty big teaching pool because of all our work this week.  We had our Zone Conference in Hamburg this week on Thursday, which was also your Thanksgiving!  We didn't have American food for Thanksgiving, instead we had traditional German food.  Rouladen(meat with a pickle inside) with potatoes and Rotkohl (red cabbage).  It was good food!  They introduced the church's new Christmas video, "A Savior is Born".                            

 Elder Larsen volunteered us to do a role play in front of President and Sister Fingerle.  But it actually went really well!  We also helped pass out food to the refugees!  It was really fun.  Most of them are really friendly, yeah, some sit in the corner and quietly eat their food but most of them love talking to you and when they find out you are from American they love you even more!  I met one guy who was really cool, he is from Iran and he said he loves Iran but the government goes around beating people that aren't Muslim.  He showed me some of his bruises he has from the government beating him.  It was really sad to see that, but then he said the people there are just like us, it's just the government.  Our American government is not perfect either, but I feel so blessed when I hear about things like that.

The Schimdts are doing good.  Hopefully they will be  baptized, "This one is going to come right down to the wire" as Hot Rod Hundley always said.

I gave a talk yesterday on the Atonement, it was about 20 minutes long and all in German! This week is transfers.  I don't know whether something will happen, but I'll keep you posted!

Love ya,
Elder Spangenberg
Our apartment after we decorated it for Christmas!
Our Christmas Tree!

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