Thursday, December 31, 2015

Letter from Elder and Sister Gill

This email was sent to Grant's parents from the Senior Missionary Couple that live in Nienburg, Germany.  

Dear Brother and Sister Spangenberg,

Thank you for your wonderful gift and Christmas Card.  It was so nice that you would take the time to write us and let us know that you appreciated what we could do for your wonderful son.

 Elder Spangenberg never let grass grow under his feet.  He and Elder Larson were two of the best missionaries that we have seen since we have been here.  When they took those two young men out of our little branch it seemed as though the walls came crashing down.  The energy, the enthusiasm, the faith, the talents and everything else we can think of left over night.  We found ourselves trying to fill in where they left off, and you can believe us when we tell you,"That ain't easy."  We struggle at times to make it appear that the work is going forward and to some extent it is, but Elder Spangenberg and Elder Larsen are in our hearts forever.

 We never let them go hungry.  Sister Gill is a good cook, just ask either of the two young men.  She loved sharing what food we had at any hour of the day or night. 

 Thank you for preparing such a wonderful young man to serve in an area that is hard on some days.  The very week he and his companion were transferred there was a baptism in our branch as a direct result of their proselyting.  Elder Spangenberg received permission to return and perform the baptism.  We are still planning on another baptism the first part of the new year, again as a result of Elder Spangenberg and Elder Larsen's teaching.

 So thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your wonderful thought and gesture on our behalf.

Elder and Sister Gill
Nienburg (Weser) Germany

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