Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Market in Hamburg with my companion Elder Halbleib in front.

Every German has one of these, it's a cool little wood nativity set.  You can make it either flat or pop out.  This one is mine, I will be sending it home after Christmas. 

We will be skyping from a member's house.  We have an eating appointment about every day this week.  Our mission President and wife gave us Grilled Cheese Sandwich Makers for Christmas.  Every companionship got one.  It's like a panini grill so it toasts the sandwich.

I got my Christmas package.  Thanks it was perfect!

You asked me what is good about this new area.  Hmm, well the apartment is really big, the ward is really nice.  We play soccer and basketball every week so that's fun too.  But it's still not Nienburg,   But Pinneberg is growing on me.  There is a lot of Youth in the ward and that's cool because I have never had that on my mission.
Love you,
Elder Spangenberg

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  1. I love your pictures. Can I send you money to buy and ship home one of those nativities? If so, How much are they? Or I could look online to purchase if I knew a shop's name to look for.
    Keep working hard! Missionary right is so important.
    Sister Liz roberts