Monday, December 28, 2015

Last Christmas in Germany!

Hello to Everybody! It was really good to see my family on Christmas!  This week was my 2nd and last Christmas as a missionary in Germany.  We had a lot of fun with the members and had some wonderful food.  Sorry, but the Germans totally have the Americans beat when it comes to Christmas!  They have 2 days of Christmas (the 25th and 26th) and the 24th is also another holiday as well called Heilige Abend.   It's cool how on the 24th they gather together and sing songs and the last one is always "Silent Night". It totally didn't feel like Christmas though because it was 17 degrees celcius here.  My family showed me the snow in Bountiful with the Skype camera.  Now that's the Christmas I know!

Well the holidays petty much kill missionary work because we are discouraged from going door to door on those days and no one is out on the streets either.  But hey, our apartment is looking somewhat decent because I spent most of the week cleaning it.

The church here is at 9:30a.m., but that's normal in Germany.  We have Sacrament meeting last as well, just like in Spandau(my first area).
I just got an email from the Mission telling me I can choose September 30 or November 11 as my release date. I want to think  about it before I decide.

 I am super pumped for the new year to start!  This will be my last year on a mission so I'm going to make it big!  Here is a good New Years Resolution for you all.  I invite you all to come nearer to Christ during the new year.  However that is, make a goal and do it.  That is mainly what we have been talking with the members about because we should really come nearer to him everyday and not just twice a year.

This week we can get back to the grind and start finding some new investigators!  This area needs a lot of work done because right now there isn't really anything or anyone to teach.  But that will change!  Till next year!
Elder Spangenberg

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