Sunday, December 20, 2015

Pinneberg Germany!

My new companion is Elder Halbleib.  He was trained by Elder Gibbs, my MTC companion.  Yes, the Gills are taking over our investigators.

We went back to Nienburg on Friday and Saturday and that was the greatest.  Pictures of the baptism are coming next week.  When I got to the Banhoff right after transfers to meet with the other missionaries my eyes were just full of tears!

  But Pinneberg is cool too.  The apartment is huge, like probably the 2nd biggest one I have seen in the mission.  The only problem is we have little hot water so we each get 5 minute showers and we have to turn the water off during the shower when we apply soap.  The ward is really nice, we have an eating appointment almost every day this week.  My companion is cool.  So yeah, it's good.  Thank goodness lots of people play the piano! haha  I guess it's cool to be in Hamburg, the 2nd biggest city in Germany for Christmas.  The Christmas markets are amazing there. 

We went to Hannover for the referal. (Remember the old photo of the lady that has family in Utah).  The older lady relative has been dead for over 2 years.  And the man wanted nothing to do with us or the lady in America.  He said contact with her would not be of any use.  He was nice about it but yeah, that was sad.  

The following are pictures from Hannover when we went by the referal.  

Cool old church

Organ inside

Elder Larsen had to stop me from taking a swim!

This translates to Everything for the Dog...I thought of Dad.

You can see what the war did to destroyed it.

"Heute" means "today" in English.

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