Monday, May 30, 2016


This weekend was probably one of the most spiritual weekends on my mission.  It started on Friday.  We had Zone Conference on Friday.  I'm gonna be honest, I wasn't expecting to learn anything and I was kinda dreading it because the past ones have just been about how either kids are the best missionaries or that we should invite people to the temple.  So for the hour long train ride to Hamburg I had the feeling, "Well I guess I could try to prepare for Zone Conference, so I started reading my scritures, and I came across a quote from President Marion G. Romney that really impacted me and it was," Real personal sacrifice never was placing an animal on the altar.  Instead, it is a willingness to put the animal in us upon the altar and letting it be consumed!"(Conference April 1995)  On the same topic, Elder Maxwell later taught," As you submit your wills to God, you are giving him the only thing you can actually give him that is really yours to give".  I read this quote and had never really thought about this.  I thought to myself, "what could I sacrifice to God so that I can be a better missionary?"  Well at this time, it was time to get off the train.  But the thought kept staying in my mind and I sat down for Zone Conference and then the AP's and President talked about the exact same quote!  It was just like, WOW, that was definately revelation.  That Zone Conference was just great, we also had an "Interview" with Jesus Christ and that was really just so powerful.  We split into two groups and we went into a room and there in the room was a picture of Christ and questions on the wall.  No lie, it really felt like he was there asking those questions.

The next day we had the first day of Stake Conference and that was great as well.  I went to the leadership meeting because of my calling in the Young Mens.  Well, President Fingerle was at that meeting and he was pretty surprised to see me there, haha.  I had forgotten to tell him I had a Ward calling as Young Mens Advisor, but I explained everything to him and everything is good.  Man that was such a good stake conference, there was a musical number which was,"Savior Redeemer of my Soul".  I love this song, not the hymnbook version, but a different one.  There was a woman at the piano and a guy playing the flute and singing.  It was so beautiful it almost brought me to tears.  Most of what was talked about in stake conference was helping other people, especially all of the refugees.  And in leadership meeting we talked about service because that is what leadership it.  I talked with President Fingerle afterwards and he said some things he expects of me as his leader, then I was like well I'm not one of your leaders, then he was like, "Well not yet, but transfer calls are today".  So here is what happened..

My new companion is Elder Miller.  Yes Mom, the one who's blog that you like.  I have heard good things about him and I'm determined to get along with him.  But I'm also district leader now so we will see how that goes.  But I know that who the Lord calls, he will qualify as well.  Any suggestions, quotes, or words of encouragement would be greatly appreciated.  I'm scared, but now I really do know that Christ is always there for me, and I'm excited for what the future holds for me.

Life is about to be super busy with being District Leader and Young Men's Advisor, so I would really appreciate your prayers.  I love you guys and miss you, but there's no where I would rather be than where I am now!

Elder Spangenberg

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Mini Missionary

Bruder Apel and Elder Spangenberg
Hey folks!  Its been a while since I have written, so I'll catch everyone up.  So my last companion, Elder Anderson, I killed in mission talk, which means he went back to America because he was done.  He went back 2 weeks early for his sister's graduation and for his last Pday we went to the Beach in Kiel and took pictures.

I rode the train to Berlin to drop off my companion and went to the mission office to be with the APs and that was not fun.  I would literally rather slit my writs and do pushups in salt water than work in the office.  It felt like prison in there waiting for my new companion to show up!

My new companion is a mini missionary.   He has put his papers in to go on a mission and is waiting for his call.  The APs knew I needed a companion and so they called him up.  His name is Bruder Apel and he is from Freiberg, which is the place where the temple is.  He doesn't speak much English so we have been speaking all German.  I feel like my English is getting progressively worse.  But he's really funny and totally German.  We get along pretty well.  We are only going to be with each other for 2 weeks and then its real transfers and I will get a new companion.

This week was pretty boring aside from a ton of traveling to Berlin and back.  All of our investigators are doing pretty good.  One that is moving wants to be baptized, WOOHOO!  I'll either baptize her in her new area or she'll come back and I'll baptize her here.
Elder Spangenberg

Elder Anderson and Elder Spangenberg

Monday, May 16, 2016

Changes on the Way!

Things have been crazy...My companion, Elder Anderson  is going home this week and I get a Mini Missionary for 2 weeks!  He is German and is 18 years old from Freiberg, Germany.  Apparently he speaks a hard German accent to understand, but I'm really excited!  I'm going from one ending his mission to one who has never been on a mission.  I have so many things to do with him it's ridiculous.  I will do my best.  Just pray for me that I can get done everything that I am supposed to.  Wednesday, I will take a train to Berlin and pick him up there.

You asked about Boy Scouts here.  No, they don't really have Boy Scouts here.  It's separate from the church here.  Some do it, but it's not part of mutual.  None of the kids in this Ward do it.

I have been trying to run in the mornings.  My companion doesn't like to, so I finally said,"Come sit on the curb and watch me so I can then."  The rule is we have to see each other.  He did a couple of times this week so I could exercise.

Well I'm excited for the changes this week.

Elder Spangenberg
This is the previous Ward Mission Leader and he really liked us.

These are members from the Neumunster Ward.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Almost went to Denmark!

District Lunch in Kiel at a Doner Shop with one of the Sister's Investigators.

Our week was a little slow, because almost every one of our appointments fell out!  We had an exchange and I went to Flensburg.  While there we were going to meet with this guy who lives in Denmark.  He lives  closer to the church in Flensburg than the one in Sonderburg Denmark, so we had permission from the President to leave the mission boundaries.  Sadly, the appointment fell out, but hopefully I will get the chance to go later.
 It rained pretty much everyday this week. That's common for Northern Germany.  What isn't common is for EVERY appointment to fall out!  One investigator was packing for her trip to Turkey, another one had to take care of his sick wife, and the other ones, the people just didn't show up.

We did meet with good old George.  When we walked in, he had incense burning, haha.  Well, he still hasn't read in the Book of Mormon because he doesn't feel he needs to if his relationship with God is good.  We talked about the Brother of Jared and different ways we receive our answers.  Sometimes the Lord will tell us what we need to do and sometimes he expects us to come up with a solution.  Like how the Lord asked The Brother of Jared ,"What will ye that I shall do, so that you shall have light?"  Then The Brother of Jared got the stones and asked the Lord to touch them.  George really liked that and it helped him.  We also showed him the church newsroom and there it talks about anti mormon topics like The Book of Mormon and DNA Studies.  We told him to google the website and then he gave us a lecture of how the NSA(National Security Administration) owns google and Microsoft.  You just gotta love George.  He said he is coming to our ward party this week too!

Speaking of the Ward Party, the Youth had planned a party on Christi Himmel Fahrt.  Which is the day that Christ ascended up into heaven after coming to the Disciples after his resurrection.  Well, the Germans celebrate it like most holidays with beer and walking through the city pulling wagons full of beer with boom boxes on their shoulders!  It's also throughout the years been called Father's Day in Germany. So we planned as a Ward to go to the Lake and do a barbecue. Well, it turns out that is the ONLY day that the city doesn't allow people to have a barbecue because they think people will get drunk and it would be dangerous.  So that was a bummer to hear, but we are still going to have the barbecue, it will just be outside in the church parking lot.

I don't know if I have mentioned A in any of my emails but we met with him this week.  He is 21 and from Afghanistan, but has been in Germany for about 4 years.  He is an investigator only if he has nothing to do and then he'll meet with us.  He is Muslim, but doesn't really follow it and is really a nice guy.  Lately, he has just been interested in party life.  This time his girlfriend caught him cheating on her and broke up with him.  He was broken hearted.  But through this experience he started to pray for the first time in a while.  So we talked a lot about the atonement with him, but the problem is that he doesn't believe in Christ.  He is convinced that he is in love with his past girlfriend and just wants her back, so he asked us if Christ could help him get his ex back.  I said, "Mmm, that's a tough one", but my companion said, "Ya, I think so."  Obviously he needs to believe there is a Christ!  We talked a lot with him and now he is living the law of Chastity and not drinking anymore and his perspective seems to have changed.  Sometimes people need an experience like that to change themselves!

We helped a couple of families with service by gathering stones again.  It rained us out and the ground got all muddy, but we are going again this week!  We also helped a family that is remodeling their whole house.  They gave us a hammer and chisel and we went to work breaking mirrors and tiles on the wall, it was pretty fun!
Have a good week and see you next Sunday on Mother's Day Mom!