Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Almost went to Denmark!

District Lunch in Kiel at a Doner Shop with one of the Sister's Investigators.

Our week was a little slow, because almost every one of our appointments fell out!  We had an exchange and I went to Flensburg.  While there we were going to meet with this guy who lives in Denmark.  He lives  closer to the church in Flensburg than the one in Sonderburg Denmark, so we had permission from the President to leave the mission boundaries.  Sadly, the appointment fell out, but hopefully I will get the chance to go later.
 It rained pretty much everyday this week. That's common for Northern Germany.  What isn't common is for EVERY appointment to fall out!  One investigator was packing for her trip to Turkey, another one had to take care of his sick wife, and the other ones, the people just didn't show up.

We did meet with good old George.  When we walked in, he had incense burning, haha.  Well, he still hasn't read in the Book of Mormon because he doesn't feel he needs to if his relationship with God is good.  We talked about the Brother of Jared and different ways we receive our answers.  Sometimes the Lord will tell us what we need to do and sometimes he expects us to come up with a solution.  Like how the Lord asked The Brother of Jared ,"What will ye that I shall do, so that you shall have light?"  Then The Brother of Jared got the stones and asked the Lord to touch them.  George really liked that and it helped him.  We also showed him the church newsroom and there it talks about anti mormon topics like The Book of Mormon and DNA Studies.  We told him to google the website and then he gave us a lecture of how the NSA(National Security Administration) owns google and Microsoft.  You just gotta love George.  He said he is coming to our ward party this week too!

Speaking of the Ward Party, the Youth had planned a party on Christi Himmel Fahrt.  Which is the day that Christ ascended up into heaven after coming to the Disciples after his resurrection.  Well, the Germans celebrate it like most holidays with beer and walking through the city pulling wagons full of beer with boom boxes on their shoulders!  It's also throughout the years been called Father's Day in Germany. So we planned as a Ward to go to the Lake and do a barbecue. Well, it turns out that is the ONLY day that the city doesn't allow people to have a barbecue because they think people will get drunk and it would be dangerous.  So that was a bummer to hear, but we are still going to have the barbecue, it will just be outside in the church parking lot.

I don't know if I have mentioned A in any of my emails but we met with him this week.  He is 21 and from Afghanistan, but has been in Germany for about 4 years.  He is an investigator only if he has nothing to do and then he'll meet with us.  He is Muslim, but doesn't really follow it and is really a nice guy.  Lately, he has just been interested in party life.  This time his girlfriend caught him cheating on her and broke up with him.  He was broken hearted.  But through this experience he started to pray for the first time in a while.  So we talked a lot about the atonement with him, but the problem is that he doesn't believe in Christ.  He is convinced that he is in love with his past girlfriend and just wants her back, so he asked us if Christ could help him get his ex back.  I said, "Mmm, that's a tough one", but my companion said, "Ya, I think so."  Obviously he needs to believe there is a Christ!  We talked a lot with him and now he is living the law of Chastity and not drinking anymore and his perspective seems to have changed.  Sometimes people need an experience like that to change themselves!

We helped a couple of families with service by gathering stones again.  It rained us out and the ground got all muddy, but we are going again this week!  We also helped a family that is remodeling their whole house.  They gave us a hammer and chisel and we went to work breaking mirrors and tiles on the wall, it was pretty fun!
Have a good week and see you next Sunday on Mother's Day Mom!

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