Monday, May 16, 2016

Changes on the Way!

Things have been crazy...My companion, Elder Anderson  is going home this week and I get a Mini Missionary for 2 weeks!  He is German and is 18 years old from Freiberg, Germany.  Apparently he speaks a hard German accent to understand, but I'm really excited!  I'm going from one ending his mission to one who has never been on a mission.  I have so many things to do with him it's ridiculous.  I will do my best.  Just pray for me that I can get done everything that I am supposed to.  Wednesday, I will take a train to Berlin and pick him up there.

You asked about Boy Scouts here.  No, they don't really have Boy Scouts here.  It's separate from the church here.  Some do it, but it's not part of mutual.  None of the kids in this Ward do it.

I have been trying to run in the mornings.  My companion doesn't like to, so I finally said,"Come sit on the curb and watch me so I can then."  The rule is we have to see each other.  He did a couple of times this week so I could exercise.

Well I'm excited for the changes this week.

Elder Spangenberg
This is the previous Ward Mission Leader and he really liked us.

These are members from the Neumunster Ward.

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