Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Mini Missionary

Bruder Apel and Elder Spangenberg
Hey folks!  Its been a while since I have written, so I'll catch everyone up.  So my last companion, Elder Anderson, I killed in mission talk, which means he went back to America because he was done.  He went back 2 weeks early for his sister's graduation and for his last Pday we went to the Beach in Kiel and took pictures.

I rode the train to Berlin to drop off my companion and went to the mission office to be with the APs and that was not fun.  I would literally rather slit my writs and do pushups in salt water than work in the office.  It felt like prison in there waiting for my new companion to show up!

My new companion is a mini missionary.   He has put his papers in to go on a mission and is waiting for his call.  The APs knew I needed a companion and so they called him up.  His name is Bruder Apel and he is from Freiberg, which is the place where the temple is.  He doesn't speak much English so we have been speaking all German.  I feel like my English is getting progressively worse.  But he's really funny and totally German.  We get along pretty well.  We are only going to be with each other for 2 weeks and then its real transfers and I will get a new companion.

This week was pretty boring aside from a ton of traveling to Berlin and back.  All of our investigators are doing pretty good.  One that is moving wants to be baptized, WOOHOO!  I'll either baptize her in her new area or she'll come back and I'll baptize her here.
Elder Spangenberg

Elder Anderson and Elder Spangenberg

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