Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Apples Galore!

We had a pretty good week.  Taught a lot of lessons and found some new people.  The work is really moving forward in this area!  We had an amazing lesson with the Schmidts, and I gave her a priesthood blessing. The spirit was so strong especially when she went into the other room and grabbed her last pack of cigarettes and gave them to me.   I got some photos of me with the cigarettes before I threw them away, maybe next week I will send them.  Sadly she smoked the next day and is still smoking. Andre is doing really good though.  He is able to walk a little bit which is a miracle in itself because he is in a wheelchair.  We are really working with them, their baptism is coming up soon but Elder Larsen and I still believe that they can be ready by then and so do they.  It has been amazing to teach them, my teaching skills have totally improved.

We are teaching another couple that we found.  They were actually taught by the missionaries in the city where they used to live.  They both have lots of interest even though they are both very active in their Evangelisch church.

  Had another lesson with Herr Ender.  Wow that man has sooo many apples.  He said he saw this tree by no where and picked and fulled his car with 30kg of them.  They do taste really good.  A lot of other people are giving us apples too, so don't worry I won't be visiting the doctor anytime soon!

Herr Ender
Herr Ender's Christmas decorations

Baked Apples and Apple Crisp that Herr Ender made for us!
 We went to a play in Hannover this week, Noah's Ark in a German way!  One of the guys in there     was so funny and totally German.  Germans have foldable meter sticks and everybody has one and every store sells them.  Literally they sell them even at sports stores with the sport logo on them.  This guy had one in his work overalls, which is also German.  They have overalls in all different colors with pockets in them and every German wears them when they work on the house or in the yard.  Anyway, this guy wore this as his costume and it was so funny because it was totally German.

A member came over and helped us with our shower so now the bathroom isn't flooded every time we shower.

I don't know if you heard about what happened in Hannover, but there were 5 bombs planned in Hannover the day we were there for district meeting.  The next soccer games was in Hannover and 3 people had bombs.  They were going to bomb the stadium, the bus station , and a train.  Well, they found the person on the train and cancelled the game so I'm still safe.  It was scary walking around Hannover right after they found out about the bombs, there were police all over the train station. Don't worry about me though but yeah we are on the lookout.  But life is back to normal in Hannover, they are going to reschedule the game but nobody knows when yet.

Today, I read Alma 42 and never have a I read a chapter that has impacted my life more than what I read today.  I learned so much when I read it and felt the spirit so strong because it was exactly what I needed to hear and answered questions that I had during the week.  Reading that chapter also enhanced my testimony of the Book of Mormon.  I invite you to read that chapter.

Zone Conference is this week on Thanksgiving so that will be fun.. The Gills and us are going to have a nice Thanksgiving meal the day after though!  They don't really have big turkeys like they
do in America, but I'm sure it will be a great feast.  Happy Thanksgiving!  I am thankful for the opportunity to be on a mission, for a loving family, for the Gospel, for good friends, good health, safe country, freedom, and knowledge.
Elder Spangenberg

 The Gills making pancakes

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