Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Surprise Phone Call!

 Sunday evening, Grant's Parents, received a surprise phone call from New Hampshire.  This woman said she had run into Elder Spangenberg's Blog by accident and was related to us and had some pictures we would want.  She also said that when her friend had talked about having the Gospel taken to family in Hannover, she remembered that her distant cousin (Elder Spangenberg) was in Hannover.     

 Heavenly Father has his hand in missions!   There are 9 zones in the Germany Berlin Mission.   What are the chances that Elder Spangenberg is in the HANNOVER ZONE!!!!  The same area his Great Grandparents met and joined the church in.

 The next two pictures show his family circled.  In the last photo, the woman circled in orange has family still in Hannover.  This woman knew Elder Spangenberg's great grand parents well.  The two addresses he has been asked to find are less than an hour away from him.

Enjoy these treasures from Germany a LONG time ago!  Special thanks to Tammy Gribble for bothering to find our phone number and sending us these incredible photos!  She is a granddaughter of Elly and Johann Spangenberg. 

LDS Sunday School at Hannover Branch in Germany 1921
The middle of the back row, circled in blue are Elder Spangenberg's Great Grandparents: 
Elly Gragert and Johann Spangenberg.   They immigrated to the U.S. in 1930.

LDS Hannover Branch in Germany 1918.
Elder Spangenberg's Great Grandmother, Elly Gragert is circled in red.  Her family is not in the picture, they disowned her after she joined the church.

In this same picture, circled in orange is Elise Scrader.  It is this women's family that Elder Spangenberg has been asked to go visit.  She immigrated to the U.S. in 1921.

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