Tuesday, November 3, 2015

1 Year from Yesterday!

 Wow, I now have less than a year till my release date, that is so crazy!  Time flies by when you are working hard and having fun!  Not gonna lie, this week was awesome.  Elder Larsen and I did some hard work, but it all payed off in the end.
The big news is that Andre and Sabrina Schmidt are both on baptismal date for December 12th!  They are both really excited.  Andre reads church manuals and the scriptures all day and he loves the Gospel.  The only thing that is keeping them back is smoking, so if you could please pray that they will be able to quit smoking, that would really help.   Like I said before, they used to go through a 250 pack of cigarettes in 2 days, but they are both making really good progress.  They both bought an e cig and that's a start because the e cig has no nicotine in it, so it isn't addictive. Now that nicotine isn't a problem, we just need to ween them off the e cig.

We had an awesome experience with them this week.  So the lesson before this one we asked Sabrina if she would pray for the next lesson and she said she would.  So we followed up on our commitment and we asked her to pray after we talked about the plan of salvation, which went great by the way.  Anyway, she was reluctant to pray and scared but she ended up saying a very sincere heart felt prayer.  Here comes the cool part...after she ended she said, Uh, oh it felt warm.  Andre said, "That's totally the Holy Ghost!"  It was just so cool!  Elder Larsen and I  have no doubt that they will both be baptized.  Andre knows everything about the Gospel, we are mainly teaching Sabrina.

We also found 4 new investigators this week!  So we are continuing to build our teaching pool.  On a sad note, one of our investigators is moving to Oldenburg.  She is a teenage girl from Kosovo.  We gave her a Book of Mormon in English and she read part of it and she likes it and wants to learn more.  So we gave her the number for the Oldenburg Elders.  Hopefully, she continues to investigate the church.

This week we had a family search activity and it turned out to be really good.  We had 5 investigators there to the activity!  The ward was so impressed!  Herr Ender came and he had a great time, he wants to start up an indexing group. We told him we would be glad to.  We were not able to meet with him this week, but we are meeting with him on Tuesday and we look forward to then.  But the activity so awesome!  I learned some things about family search too.  I even found a new ancestor that needs work done.  A lot of the members here are really impressed with the work that Elder Larsen and I are doing.  Some have said that they have never seen so much success or hard work from missionaries in this area.  So that was good to hear because we worked really hard telling everyone about this activity!  Just goes to show that hard work does pay off!

Well as a result of the new investigators that we found and continuing ones, we have an appointment every day, which is nice because the worst thing as a missionary is to look through your planner and see that you don't have an appointment for that day, so you just do finding the whole time, which is not fun.  I haven't had that feeling for a while and boy does it feel nice!

I hope everyone has a good week!  Keep reading your scriptures and praying!
Elder Spangenberg    
Our apartment
These are drying bars that we do pull ups on! 

We got a lot of walnuts from a member and it took forever to crack them.  We didn't have a nut cracker so we just used pots! And now we have so many walnuts we are going to be eating them till the end of our mission!
Cool statue of a lion in Neustadt!

Fall in Germany!

District Photo!

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