Tuesday, October 27, 2015

1 Year!!!!!

Me eating a mega doner.  This thing was literally the biggest piece of food I have ever eaten.  Me and my companion have made a goal to try all of the doner shops in Nienberg.  2 down and about 10 to go.  I love doners!

Wow it's crazy to believe that I have been out for a year already!!  To celebrate it we went out with the Gills to a restaurant.  It was really good.  I got a double burger and it was so big that I had to cut it because my mouth wasn't big enough.  Talk about a burger.

Well once again I am scrunched on time, but this week was awesome.  We did great work this week.  We found 4 new investigators and we accomplished our goal of having 3 progressing investigators by the end of the month, which is pretty good from starting with nothing at the beginning.  There was also a new record set for church attendance this week, which was 22!  Our chapel was almost full!!  That's pretty much our week.  We have busy days coming this next week and we are both working hard to see some success in this area, but it was really nice to accomplish our goal.  We had transfer calls as well and we are both staying just like predicted.

Mom, I did go to the Doctor about my skin and he gave me a prescription.  Its been really cold but my coat I bought is really warm and everything is good.  It's a different cold here, it's a humid cold and I hate it.

 Yes, we are the only missionaries here; us and the senior couple, the Gills.  We live about a 7 minute bike ride from them.  We are moving apartments and we are trying to move by them because they live in a nice area and have a way nice apartment.  We speak both German and English with them.  Sister Gill grew up in Germany so she speaks German, but Elder Gill can't speak German very well but he tries, and Sister Gill switches off what she speaks.  She sometimes talks about not having anything in Berlin when she was growing up.  Yeah, they have family coming for Christmas.

My organ playing is coming..I can play 2 songs with pedals.  The rest of the time I don't play with pedals.  Lincoln, easy hymns to start with are: Sweet Hour of Prayer, Come Follow Me, and Redeemer of Israel.

Everything is good!  Have a great week!
Elder Spangenberg


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