Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Conference Week


Elder Larsen, Sister El Sayed and Elder Spangenberg.
We are teaching her the temple lessons.  She is so nice and comes to church when she can order the wheelchair vehicle to pick her up.  She is going to the LDS Temple in Holland with a lady from the ward the middle of October.  She is ready and so excited.  We had a very spiritual lesson with her about the plan of salvation. and the spirit was so strong. 

This was a great week.  For Pday we went to Hanover and that was really cool.  It's a pretty big city and there is lots to see.  We went of exchanges with the district leader this week.  Me and Elder Wallis, the District Leader's companion, stayed here in Nienburg.  We taught And and his wife.  They are our progressing investigators.  We introduced the 15 step program to stop smoking, and so far it is going better.  They have been smoking less each day which is good.  It would do their body harm for them to go from 30 cigarettes to none.  So we are working with them on that.

We did some member work this week.  We visited a really shy member  with the couple missionaries, that didn't go well.  She just sat there and didn't say a word, so next time we will go with not so many people.  But she is really nice, we just need to work on becoming friends with her first.

Well the AP's wouldn't let us have a sleepover in Stadthagen with the elders there, so we just went to the couple missionary's house.  It was awesome! Like I say every week, they are so nice.  We had some good food and it was just a great time.  I feel like they are my grandparents now. I go home the same day as the Gills, November 1st!  They are from Taylorsville, Utah.  We didn't get to see the Sunday Evening session because of the time difference, but we are watching it next week.

I liked the talk given Saturday morning by Elder Lawrence about the Holy Ghost and how he can give us help is all dimensions of life, not just gospel help.  Sometimes the Holy Ghost can tell us to change something about our behavior or actions.  Elder Eyring's talk was really good too,  He always has a really cool story about his family to go along with every one of his talks.  Elder Holland's talk was a perfect comparison about the atonement that I have never really thought of.  It made me realize how much my mother and Christ love me.  Those are just a few of my favorites but they were all really good.

I'm getting to be quite the cook.  Elder Larsen is really easy going so he doesn't care what we eat as long as it tastes good.  I usually do the cooking cause he says I can cook good.  I've come a long ways; at the beginning I asked Elder Fowler how to boil pasta! haha We buy our food together and I'm eating a lot healthier now.  I eat 1 apple, I banana, and a carrot everyday now.

Have a great week!
Elder Spangenberg
A rather large hole in my sock!

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