Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Life in Nienburg

Hannover Zone

This week we had a lesson with one of our members that lives in a care center.  She had a stroke not long ago so she is in a wheel chair, but she is the sweetest person ever.  We are preparing her to go to the temple!  Last week she received her patriarchal blessing.  She  always comes to church late because she has to order one of those big vans that can take her places, so she comes as early as she can.  We gave her the sacrament after church ended and that was really a cool experience.  Next week I will send a picture of her.

Also we now have 2 progressing investigators.  Their names are And and Sab.  And is the son of a less active in the ward.  Wow, Brother Schmit collects old Bibles and Book of Mormons.  He has a really old Book of Mormon, one of the first ones to be printed into German.  The only problem is, And is mega addicted to smoking. Like he smokes over 30 cigarettes a day.  So we are doing everything that we can to help him stop smoking.  He totally wants to be baptized, the only problem is the smoking.  Please pray for And that he will be able to quit smoking.

We had Zone Training meeting this week and it was really good.  I really like our new Zone Leaders, one of them has a lot of energy and it's just great!  We went to the Gills a couple of times this week.  They treat us like we are their grandkids, giving us chocolate bars and food, haha.  We are going over there tonight to watch the funeral for Elder Scott.  I'm excited for that.  The Gills are the cutest couple ever, this is their 3rd mission.  Without them, this ward would not function.

At Church this week we had 15 people there.  So our numbers are decreasing.  But I played the organ for church again.  Funny story...one of the members told me the hymns that we would sing next week so I could practice.  Well, turns out those weren't the right hymns..so it sounded a little rusty this week, but no worries!  I've been playing it like a piano, but now the Mission President has given me permission to look up on the Internet how to play the organ.  I had a small interview over Skype with President.  He thanked me for what I had done in this area.  So that was cool to hear!  This week we are going to Stadthagen for general conference so we will be having a sleepover in Stadthagen.  Party!

You asked for ideas for the Christmas package, I'd love some gold toe socks from Costco and that hair stuff from Stacey.  Shout out to those Utes for destroying Oregon!  Thanks, to my little brother Lincoln for giving me the details!

In Zone Training meeting we focused on Christ and his atonement.  We heard the testimonies of the apostles and prophets about Christ and his atonement and I want to share mine.

I know that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that he was sent to the earth for us.  I know that he has suffered for me and for everyone else on this earth and that Christ really knows me and that he can help me.  I feel him helping me everyday.  I know that through him we can be clean and return to live with God.  In the name of Jesus Christ amen.

Have a wonderful week.
Elder Spangenberg

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