Tuesday, September 22, 2015

First week in Nienburg!

This was my last night in Delingsdorf.  This is the Kopsichke Family, they just barely moved into the ward and they are great.

I LOVE MY NEW AREA!  Elder Larsen is so cool.  He is such a nice guy.  He never says anything bad about anyone.  We work really well together. We found 5 new investigators this week!   We found this really cool guy named Mustafa this week.  He is from Turkey but has been here in Germany for 25 years.  We are really excited about him.  We met him for the second time yesterday and we had a great 1st lesson.

 The branch has a few problems.  Pretty much our goal is to keep this branch from closing. The branch is tiny.  It is a lot different than what I am used to, but I love it.  There were 17 people at church this week, 4 missionaries and 5 people from the stake and 8 members.  The stake has actually called people from Hannover to serve in our branch presidency and other callings, because they don't want this branch to close.  And me and my companion will not let this branch close!  I played the organ this week during sacrament.  They loved it!  They usually go without because no one can play.  So I'm pretty sure that's my calling now.

This is the Nienburg LDS Church

 I can easily see this area as my favorite.  It felt surreal this week being in Hannover where my ancestors came from. But seriously this area is the greatest, I feel at home here.

There is lots of work to be done in this area.  My companion Elder Larsen, has only been here for 1 transfer and they were not able to go outside and work because his companion was sick and would get bad migranes from the sunlight.  So it's the closet thing to us whitewashing.  It makes it exciting.  We are both brand new to the area and literally starting from ground zero.  Being the older companion is new as well.

And wow the senior couple in our area are sooo cool, they are the nicest people ever!  Last night we had lunch at their house and my was that a good home cooked roast!  They give us a chocolate bar anytime we are at their house or whenever they take us anywhere.  Well, we each got 3 chocolate bars last week! So now I will be saving lots of money on chocolate, haha.  Literally I don't think I have ever been happier on my mission than now.

District Photo
Elder and Sister Gill are on the far right by Grant, and his companion, Elder Larsen is in the very back by him.

Well the apartment has been rented to elders for like 20 years.  We found maggots on the floor, so today we are deep cleaning that apartment. Also the shower drain needs some work.  I need to get a haircut today and get a drivers license too.

We email at the church.  It takes a lot longer because there is only one computer.  I might buy a wireless keyboard for my I Pad, like many of the other elders.

Sister Fingerle told me to go to this pharmacy and I bought some good face wash, so hopefully that works for clearer skin.

My blue suit pants are fading now.  I am sending a picture. That's great the Missionary Mall is replacing those gray pants.

Hope everything is good at home,
Elder Spangenberg

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