Wednesday, July 13, 2016

I'm packing my Bags for the 8th time!

Singing in the Rain??
          This is what our faces looked like after transfer calls! 

 Yep, I'm being transfered again.  I  really wanted to stay with Elder Miller one more transfer, we had a lot of fun working hard together.  But I am headed off to the east.  I'm going to a city called Frankfurt Oder, it is right on the Poland Border.  It's a decent sized city just outside of Berlin.  The missionaries with President Kosak were able to go into Poland on Pday sometimes and teach if they found someone.  But President Fingerle has changed that and said that the next missionary that goes to Poland will get sent home.  It is in the Berlin zone so we can go to Berlin on Pdays and that will be great.

This will be my first area in the DDR (the part of Germany that the Soviet Union had when Berlin was split). I have always wanted to go to the deep east and now I'm going there.  It's a tiny branch with 12 people and I have learned to love the small branches.  There is also a university with about 6,000 students from all over the world, so that will be cool. Actually the city where the LDS church is, used to be called Stalinstadt, so it's super DDR.  I'm excited but also sad.  This ward has been fantastic, I have never been to a place where they were so welcoming and it was great to be serving in Young Mens.  You best believe I will be in tears on Wednesday when I leave, but I'm definitely coming back after my mission.

This week was exchanges for half the week.  We helped the zone leader with a street display in Kiel and that was really fun even though it rained us out after only a couple of hours.  We were able to have some good conversations and schedule some appointments to meet again.  We also met with the Catholic guy, he loves talking about polygamy and how that's not from God.  He knows so much about the scriptures, he would just quote like nobody's business.

I won't be district leader anymore, that was bittersweet. Our whole district is like best friends and now we are all getting split up.  Elder Vasai the elder from Samoa and Alaska is going to Spandau!   Me and Elder Miller both loved that area.

Now I guess it's time to return to the tough part of a mission and come off of the high like Elder Holland said.  Don't worry about me, I will be fine.  I'm just kinda sad, it seems like every area I have loved and had great companions, I'm only there one or two transfers.  God really does have a different plan for us.  Looking back in the past, I remember how mad I was that I was getting transfered from Pinneberg to Neumunster, but it turned out to be the greatest blessing on my misssion.  I needed this area to gain strength back.  And I have faith that things will keep getting better.  But man, I'm going to miss Elder Miller, we were like brothers and best friends.

Germany just beat Italy in the European cup for soccer so everyone has German flags, it's awesome to see them all show patriotic pride.  They play again on Thursday against France and if they win, they will be in the final so we have our fingers crossed!

Elder Spangenberg

With our 2014 German soccer jerseys
Pictures after our exchange with the Flensburg Elders.  This is the cover for our new album!??

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