Wednesday, July 20, 2016

I Love Long Bus Rides:(

Life in Frankfurt Oder is pretty good.  This week was actually pretty busy and it was great!  We had exchanges and I went to Marzahn, which is like the most populated area in the mission (part of Berlin).  We had a pretty memorable exchange to say the least!  First, we were meeting with this family and all of a sudden one of the friends of a kid in the family told us he wanted to be baptized!  We were like, "Uh, Wow, okay!" That's pretty great, cause that never happens!  So the Marzahn Elders will be working with him, we set a baptismal date without him even being an investigator, if you can even do that!

We also met with a drunk guy at about 11 in the morning.  Yep, it's pretty sad, he went off on rants about how we need to write in our journal.  That guy was all over the place.  But that's definitely not the first time I have met with a drunk guy, but 11 in the morning that's nuts!

One of the lessons we had this week was really good.  We met with a college student who was actually born in Germany but lived in France.  He just asked us questions about our church and what we believe.  It made sense to him and he said that we could come by again and talk more and he lives like right by us, so we will be going there again soon.

Well, now time for the explanation of the title.  So normally we take a train to church from Frankfurt Oder to Eisenhuttenstadt, which is where the church is.  Well Deutsch Bahn ( German Train System) decided to close that, so now we have to take a bus to get there and normally it would take 30 minutes to get to the church, but now it takes over an hour.  It's a pretty big pain especially since the buses are so hot and have no A.C..  Actually nothing here has air conditioning.  I'm surprised I'm still alive!

Besides that we went to a baptism in another area because the girl comes to our ward every 2 weeks.  That was a really cool experience.  I also knew the missionary that baptized her.  He actually came back after his mission to baptize her so that was sick!  Since we live in the boonies and are still part of the Berlin Zone, we are staying overnight with the Marzahn Elders twice this week.  So we are barely gonna be in our area this week!  But life is going good.  The church is true!  Read the Book of Mormon, it will change your life.

Have A Great Pioneer Day!

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