Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Hello from East Germany! (Border of Poland)

 My New District 
Well I arrived safely in my area.  So far I really like it! Actually it's a pretty cool town and it's a lot different from what I have seen.   I like my new District, this one has sisters in it and they are cool. One of them is a crazy German, but it's good.  Don't worry, I haven't shrunk, we are standing on a hill so I look short.

There is a college in this town so we hear English like all the time because that's the only language that everyone can understand to talk to each other.  My first day we went and got a Doner, and wow it was so different from what I'm used to.  First off, it was only 2.50 which is like dirt cheap and in the west they cost over 4.00 and don't taste as good.  Everyone always said things here in the East were different, but I never believed them until now.  We hear people talking about when the Soviets had this part of Germany.  I can see Poland like everyday!  But I'm not gonna go there because I don't want to be sent home.

The branch here is super small like I heard but they are all super nice.  There is this one old lady who does so much for the missionaries.  She asked us if we needed anything sewn or if we needed shirts ironed.  She also said that in the past she used to clean our apartment, but she can't do that anymore because she doesn't have a car.

This week we actually had ward conference so there was about 50 people there instead of the normal 12, but it was cool to meet everyone.  There were members from every ward in the Berlin Stake except Spandau, I was pretty disappointed because I really wanted to see members from my first area, but that's okay.
One cool thing is that my companion is learning Arabic and there is a family in this branch that is from Egypt and they teach him and the other missionaries every week.  They are super cool, like probably some of the coolest members I have met.  They fed us Egyptian food last night and they are just so funny and great.  They speak English and German as well so it's easy for us to communicate.

My companion and I are pretty different, but I hope we will be able to work well together.  He went to an on-line high school and wants to go into computer programming or video game programming.
Our laundry machine is broken so we are doing laundry today at a member's house.

Elder Spangenberg
We had to carry all our suitcases (6) from the back of the train to the front.  It took like 30 minutes and was exhausting!  We filled up the room with our suitcases, it was nuts!
Some nice German on the train took a photo of us.  I will miss these guys!
All 3 of us had the same tie!
We had district plus Lubeck area last week for the 4th of July, it was pretty fun!

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