Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Pictures of the week!

We had  6 appointments with investigators this week, all of which fell out;  typical but all is still good here in the North!  These cows came running to us, guess they need to hear the truth!

We were walking down the road and a lady stops her car and yells,  "Hey Elders come here!"  So we ran over, she hands us 20 Euros and says, Go get a nice dinner tonight!"  Turns out she is a member from Pennsylvania here visiting her sister.  So that made our day!  This is us enjoying Indian food with the money.

We had an eating appointment with Familie Krienke.  We have a 5 km walk after the bus ride.  It was beautiful, then the rain came and pounded us.  Nowhere to hide!  We showed up to the appointment looking drenched.  Sister Krienke was so good to us and got us dry clothes and made us the best food!

Being District Leader is good, I like having contact with all of the other missionaries every day.  You are able to build some pretty good friendships too.
I got an American flag for July 4th.  I love the good old U.S.A.!
Wish I was going to Nauvoo with you guys.
Elder Spangenberg

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