Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Fallen out Appointments and Grainy Brown Sugar!

Hello Everybody!
This was an interesting week.!  For Pday we actually helped a member apply to travel to America,   He already has a passport,  but he needed something else.  Then we went to Hamburg and checked out the city.  We also received a media referral and we tried to contact them, but they weren't home.

  Tuesday, we had an eating appointment with the members that we do emails at.  It was good food except for the fact that it was vegetarian.  They were having vegetarian week last week, and I can't think of anything worse than that, haha.  We are too far from the church to do emails at, so we do them at their house. We had our appointment fall out that night so we went dooring and found a contact.  I also tried to make cookies, but they didn't turn out that well because the brown sugar here is a lot different from the brown sugar in America.  Here it is very grainy, just like sugar and it doesn't stick together or is very moist.  So now I am on a mission to find some good brown sugar.

 Wednesday, my companion had a leadership meeting in Hamburg so we were there for most of the day.  I said Goodbye to Presdent Kosak then too.  Then we had another appointment fall out.

We also had District meeting this week.  It was a really good District meeting, one of the Zone Leaders gave a lesson about the Priesthood and it was very good.  Then we had the opportunity to  go on exchanges with the Zone Leaders.  I went with Elder Pinyon, he is actually from Australia, and we stayed here in Delingsdorf.  He is also the elder that gave the lesson about the Priesthood.  We had an eating appointment with the member from Iran who is also going to America in a couple of weeks.  He cooked us authentic Persian food and it was really good!  We also had a pull up competition. I could do 5, yeah I have gotten weak, haha.

Saturday we played soccer with the members.  I scored another goal!  2 weeks in a row, haha!  Then we went finding in Hamburg.  We found a new investigator through the "Because He Lives" video.  We just asked this guy if we could show him a video of Jesus and he was like,"Yeah, why not" and then after it he had interest to meet and talk about Jesus.  He is Muslim, but not for long!

Sunday was really cool.  First off there were visitors from Utah!  They were relatives of the LDS President, President Howard W.Hunter.  They have relatives that live in our ward.  So we had a class in English and one of the members told us his story of when he grew up.  It was very sad because he had an abusive father and his parents didn't really care.  But the missionaries really helped him and now he is really strong in the Gospel.  Then after church there was a baptism for one of the children in the ward!  And of course lots of food followed.  Then we finally did weekly planning.

We have big plans for the next week.  It is also the last week of the transfer.  There are only 5 weeks this time, not 6.  Me and my comp are pretty sure we are staying together, but who knows. Have a great week!
Elder Spangenberg

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