Thursday, June 25, 2015

Bike Crash and Ground Zero

This was the last week of the 5 week transfer.  Next week the new Mission President arrives. I fell while riding my bike on Pday and scrapped up my hand and knee pretty bad, but it feels a lot better now, so don't worry.

Tuesday was an awesome day! We went by a referral we got from church headquarters and it was a family from Spain.  The Mom can't speak German that well, but she is a member and was baptized in Honduras.  She wants us to teach her kids about God!  Then we called some investigators to set up an appointment and disaster struck.....This week we got choosed (must be a German word??) by 3 of our investigators.  Two of them were progressing at some point.  We were both pretty disappointed, but then we realized sometimes that happens and now we have to start all over again from ground zero and build up.

The rest of the week my companion was pretty sick, so as a result of that our apartment looks really clean now....(does that mean Grant cleaned???)  I was also in Lubeck this week with Elder Headley.  He is kind of a health person, so we ate spinach with noodles.  It didn't taste that good..but other than that the exchange was good!

On Saturday, we went around and visited the less actives with our ward mission leader.  He drove us around and we tried to see if we could make contact with them.  One of the less actives we visited was Schwester Kremer.  She came out to greet us from her house and we immediately started talking.  She was so nice.  She talked about music and my companion and I said that we play the piano, and she said we had to come into her house and play for her.  So we did, I played church hymns cause that's all I know and my companion played the only song he has memorized as well.  We immediately formed a great friendship.  We invited her to come to church and she said she would come!  Then our ward mission leader took us out for ice cream and a doner(like a gyro), it was a great day.

On Sunday, Schwester Kremer came!  She was totally crying during sacrament, it was so cool!  Then we had our investigator class, and the two girls from Utah were there with two German boys.  Apparently they met them at a party in the week and they invited them to come to church.  What great missionaries, haha, flirt to convert!  But one of the boys really thought during class and he thanked the teacher after class!

So transfer calls are this week and me and my companion are staying together.  No surprise there...But my new zone leader is Elder Morton!!!! I'm so excited!!I can't wait to see him and go on exchanges with him.  He is still my favorite companion.

Poor Anna, I remember when I got my wisdom teeth pulled out.  I don't remember it hurting that bad.  All I remember is you making me eat food, that I would just throw up later...don't worry I forgive you Mom, haha.  
Tell Lincoln to keep working at the piano, it really helps in mission Schwester Kremer coming to church for the first time in a long time because of our friendship through music.

I know that Christ is really there for us.  If you haven't seen the "Because He Lives"video, I invite you to.  I know that through Christ we can overcome our difficulties and challenges.
Elder Spangenberg

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