Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Delingsdorf Church

My companion and I were really sick this week.  We both had fevers and the worst congestion.  But now we feel a little better.   Most of the zone has gotten sick lately. We spent Pday at the church downloading Mormon Messages for our Ipads.
Tuesday we found 2 new investigators and also had a couple of fallen out appointments.  We called our investigators and set up appointments with them.

Wednesday, we helped a family in our ward move.  They are going on vacation to Portugal and will be back in 9 months.  What a vacation!  We also had an appointment with a less active member at a Chinese buffet.  It was interesting.  She brought  her dog there, and you could tell she goes there quite a few times during the week.  She told us about her conversion story and it was really cool.  She has come to church a couple of times while I have been here.

We also had an awesome appointment with a new investigator named Andre.  He told us the story of how he met us.  One day he said a prayer to God asking if he was there.  Well turns out, that same day the Jehovas Witness knocked on his door, and we talked to him on the street that day as well.  He said he will read and pray about the Book of Mormon.  We are really excited about him, he is the most normal investigator I have ever met.

Another thing about the Jdubs,(Jehovas Witness) they are now meeting with one of our past current investigators.  They have the advantage too because our investigator doesn't speak German very well, he speaks Serbian.  And the Jdubs are speaking to him in Serbian.  But he said the Book of Mormon is true.
Thursday, we were both feeling very sick.  We had a member appointment with the Matern family.  They were the Mission Presidents in the Alpine Mission in 2007 to 2010.  It was good, they opened up about their son.  They said he left the church and now they are trying to get him to join it again.  My companion is so good at talking to members for hours upon hours, but it makes it so we have a good relationship with the members.

Friday, I had my last interview with President Kosak.  He talked about Abraham needing to learn something about Abraham. He is so cool, I love President so much!  You can really tell he cares for us. I am sad he is leaving, but he said the new president is one of his good friends and that he is really cool also.

Saturday and Sunday we had Stake Conference.  Saturday's session was very long, they had 5 speakers talking about the exact same thing.  Then Elder Adler spoke for 40 minutes.  He said he never prepares a talk, its always different.  After, we traveled from Neumunster to Kiel and got permission from the APs to have a sleep over at Kiel with the Zone Leaders.  So we got to ride in a mission car, which was cool and we brought ice cream to an elder who was feeling sick.

Then on Sunday, we had Stake Conference in the Kieler Schloss.  President and Sister Kosak spoke.  President spoke about how he trusts the missionaries in the mission and it seemed like he was talking more to the missionaries than the members.  Elder Adler also spoke, and this time he spoke about his Patriarchal Blessing and how they are from God.   We road back home with a member and had mexican food.  Then we came back and did studies for the first time in 3 days.  It was nice to do personal study again.  Lately, I have been focusing on the atonement.  I have found some really great talks about the atonement.

My skin is actually getting better, I bought some stuff at a store, it's pretty expensive but it works really well.  I also switched razors to a non electric one, I like it a lot better.  Now I have to shave everyday and the electric one doesn't quite get the job done.  Oh yeah, another thing I weigh 200 pounds now, like seriously.  My stomach doesn't look any bigger though.  I think I have just filled in my body, haha.  As a result of that, 2 of my shirt sleeves ripped this week!!

We took a break from writing emails and had spinach and potatoes with a member family.  It tasted so good.  I know it's amazing....I like spinach!  We get to check emails daily on our Ipads, we just can't respond to them until Pday.  Have a great week.
Elder Spangenberg

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