Monday, March 23, 2015

Spandau is on Fire!

 Elder Morton, unknown German Man, Sister Montierth, and Elder Spangenberg
 (courtesy of Sister Titensor's blog)

This week was a fantastic week!  We found 14 new investigators, but 2 were false addresses and 2 ended up not really having interest.  We found 6 in one day!  We had a feeling to door an apartment building and we did and ended up finding 3 people ready for the gospel.  Some days this week we were traveling from place to place and literally running to be on time for appointments.

Some of our investigators have made a ton of progress this week.  One of them is M****.  He is  muslim, but he doesn't really believe in it.  Me and Elder Fowler never got a hold of him, but one day me and Elder Morton saw him on the street.  We ended up talking to him and set up an appointment.  Then we invited him to play basketball and soccer with us on Saturday.  He came and it was great, he had so much fun!  Then after that we ended up teaching him the restoration on the train going back.  He also came to a family home evening we had and he had a blast.  He is in his twenties, not married and his family is from Dubai.  When we called him on the phone he said he has been reading in the Book of Mormon everyday and wants to talk with us about it.  He was going to come to stake conference this week, he even got his suit dry cleaned and everything, but sadly Sunday Morning he called us and said he was sick and he ended up going to the doctor later that day.  But next week we will for sure put this man on baptismal date.

Another investigator is D****.  He is a very nice man, we aren't sure whether he is all there, but he came to stake conference and has been meeting with us every week and making progress.

We ended up having 3 investigators come to church this week.  Which is a huge difference compared to last week.  Also we visited a member this week and talked with them about missionary work.  They said they want to share the Gospel but they don't know how, so we arranged another time when we could some over and do some role plays with them.  I hate role plays, but they help improve your teaching so much.  Me and Elder Fowler never did them, but me and Elder Morton do them almost every day.  It also helps a lot with German too.

So Stake Conference was this week and it was great.  The speaker was a man from the quorum of the Seventy, he was German and he spoke a lot about missionary member work and having the ward and missionaries work together. He had a really thick accent from Saxony, but I still understood most of what he said; that in itself is a miracle.  Stake Conference was in a hotel because there was not a place big enough.  The hotel was absolutely beautiful, it cost the church 10,000 euros, which is now the equivalent to 10,000 U.S. Dollars, since the U.S. started exporting oil.  But anyways the building was huge and so beautiful.

 After that we went over to an older members for lunch.  We ended up being there over 2 hours, because he literally told us his whole life story.  Luckily his life story was actually pretty cool.  He talked about when President Monson as an Apostle, came to Germany and told him he was to be the new Bishop at about age 24, not long after he received the Priesthood.  The food was really good, we had duck which is very common here.

I'm still doing great.  To be honest I haven't been homesick once.  There is only 2 more weeks of this transfer, then most likely I will be leaving Spandau.  My German has made so much progress, but still have more to go.
Till next week,
Elder Spangenberg
Elder Spangenberg, unknown Elder, and Elder Oldroy (Courtesty of Elder Oldroy's Blog) 

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