Monday, March 2, 2015

Awesome Week!

 This statue shows how Elder Spangenberg is feeling now! 

 It's a Potsdam Statue

This is Elder Morton, the new companion!

This was an amazing week.  Pday was okay, it was raining so it was really cold but we still got to see some stuff before we left.   Then it was transfer day.  So, me and Elder Fowler were on each other's nerves when we left.  Literally, the last week was so hard.  We didn't get along that great, we both had different views with everything.  He was very stubborn with his views.  So it was very hard to get work done, so we didn't get anything done.  However that changed this week.

My new companion is Elder Morton.  He is great!  He is so energetic and enthusiastic about everything, he is also very obedient.  And an amazing runner and singer.  We had a great week together.  We found 8 investigators this week!  That is more than 3x what me and Elder Fowler found in 3 months!  We are going to do some great things with Spandau.  We are working this week on trying to get the wards support because in the past the ward and missionary correlation has not been that great.  We are speaking German 9 to 9 now.  So that should hopefully improve our German a lot.

I am learning a lot from Elder Morton.  We try to talk to everyone!  In the past me and Elder Fowler would only find when we scheduled finding time but now we find when we are going to appointments and whenever we see people on the street.  I have really seen the success that comes from talking to everyone.
Well that's it for the week.  Next week we have appointments out the wazzoo.   Which is a big change.  I will send lots of photos this week.
Elder Spangenberg

Elder Fowler and Elder Spangenberg

 Sister Montierth, Sister Titensor, Elder Fowler and Elder Spangenberg
 German food that we made.
  It is Knodel with rotkol(red cabbage) and beef.
 Bishop Schlieft
 Spandau Missionaries at the Ward Party 
 Brother Doudou, Ward Mission Leader
 Brother Doudou

 Selfie of me and Calvin
 Calvin is the coolest kid ever.  He loves to steal name tags!
 Nika, the cutest girl ever!  Her hair is so long and her front teeth are missing.
Leonie, the craziest girl I have ever met!

 Selfie of me and Elder Fowler

A Famous Schloss(palace) in Potsdam
 Place where Kaiser Wilhelm I's dogs are buried.  He had 11 and they are buried next to him.
 Place where Kaiser Wilhelm I is buried.   He was King of Prussia from 1861-1888
 A schloss (palace) in Potsdam
 Christus statue, one of 3 in the world that is original.

Old Brandenburger tour in Potsdam

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