Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Last week of Transfer 3

Elder Morton and Elder Spangenberg

Amazing Week!
For Pday we went to the BerlinDom and got to go outside on the top of it and look out and see Berlin.  It was soo cool ! We also found 8 new investigators this week, so we are keeping up the finding.  However, we also  taught other people.  And now we have 2 progressing investigators and 5 investigators came to church. It was so wonderful!

One of our progressing investigators is Herr Merankowich.  Me and Elder Fowler found him a while back, but we lost contact with him earlier.  We taught him 2 lessons this week.  The first lesson was good but a little hard because whenever we would ask him if he wanted to live with his family forever, he would say,"eigentlich schwer zu sagen".   Which means, "Hard to say.  But our 3rd lesson with him was great.  We taught the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Normally the TV is on and his kids are running around the house.  But this time he muted the TV and him and his wife and kids all sat around the couch and listened to us.  It was amazing, by far the best lesson I have ever been a part of.  The spirit was so strong,  He even prayed, even though he had never prayed before and was nervous to pray, but he said the closing prayer!  He and his wife even came to church this week!  And they are coming next week to watch General Conference.

Another one is Mohammed.  We had a lesson with him that was 2 and a half hours long literally. He talked for 1 hour straight without us saying anything.  He is Muslim and we figures out that's how they are.  Even when we talk to Muslims on the street they talk for forever.  He has a hard time with mixing Muslim and what we believe.  So next time we meet we are going to tell him that the stuff we believe doesn't mix with what the Muslims believe.  But we invited him to sport and to church.  AND he came to BOTH!   That was the first time he came to church!  Afterwards, he said that he loves how we feel like family.  He talked about sport and how we don't keep score but just play for fun.  He also said he has been praying and he had a dream that he should keep learning from us.  This week we will put him on a baptismal date along with Herr Merankowich!

We were so busy this week.  Running from appointment to appointment.  We talked to I swear every single Jehovas Witness on the street.  Most of them were mean to us.  One said that their website was in 700  languages (which is definately not true) and ours only had 100.  Then others said we preach false doctrine and  we aren't right cause we don't call God by his name and all sorts of stuff.  We also talked to a ton of Muslims who totally bashed the U.S. for everything in the world.  But now we have a JehovasWitness investigator who we are meeting this week.  We have been studying the Bible a lot lately for that appointment! haha

German is coming along good.  One member knew a Spangenberg and I asked him if I could get his phone number to call him and see if we are related....well it turns out there are 15 pages of people with the last name of Spangenberg in the phone book in Germany, so I probably will not be finding any of that out soon!

I'm doing great, exhausted, but great!  I still haven't gotten sick.  Tell Lincoln Happy Birthday!  I do eat breakfast every morning.  Germany has this amazing cereal called Nougat Bits.  It's basically cereal with Nutella in it and it tastes amazing!

This week is the last week of this transfer.  I feel like I am leaving.  But you never know I could be one of those missionaries that spends 5 transfer in an area.  But anyway, I will let you know what happens next week.  We are watching Conference on Saturday and Sunday.  Sunday will be live and Saturday will be a taped broadcast.  My mission is already going by so fast!
Till Then,
Elder Spangenberg

Elder Spangenberg

German Family that fixed Authentic German Food (Roasted Duck)


District Photo-Missing an Elder! (Notice on the left a face coming and a blur of an arm)

Elder Spangenberg with Elder Oldroy and Elder Westbury
Elder Spangenberg next to a Statue of Poseiden and a Church

Inside the Berlin Dom
Inside the Berlin Dom

German guys playing American Jazz Music.  They were actually pretty good

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