Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Another Great One!

Monday: We got a call from this guy who said he wanted to meet.  This was during Pday, but we were just like,"Okay, yeah, we can meet now."  So we went to the church to wait for him to come.  3 hours later he finally gets to the church.  So Pday was really short this past week, but we did have a great lesson with them.  He is from Palestine and is Jewish, but he is very interested.  He speaks barely any German, but is friend translates very well.  And his friend is also interested, so yay!!

We also had a couple of lessons with some Evangelist people (Protestants).  They are nice people, but their belief on religion is: we are right, they are right, everyone is right, so it doesn't matter which one you are.  It is very tough to teach them.. We are probably going to end up dropping one of them because he hasn't kept any of our commitments we gave him.

This week we found 7 new investigators!!!  We found a lot more, but some gave us false addresses or numbers, so we took them out of our numbers.  We had district finding this week, and I went with an Elder who is struggling a little bit.  I helped him with finding and we ended up finding a new investigator for their area so that was awesome!

There was a Leadership Meeting in Berlin.  So I went because my companion is a District Leader.  I got to see my old companion and we talked for a while about everything, which was good.  Then it was time for the meeting to start and President Kosak paired me up with 2 other elders, and told us to go to Spandau for the day while the meeting was going on.  We couldn't believe that President would let us go out by ourselves for a day.  But we got quite a bit of work done.  We ended up finding 2 people that day!  It was really cool, one the Elders in my group that I went with, is now companions with my old companion, and he hasn't had much success with finding.  So he got really excited after we found 2 that day, cause he hasn't found that many in a week.  But yeah, that was an awesome day!

Friday: we went on tausch (exchange) with the Zone Leaders.  I love tausch with the Zone Leaders.  I always learn so much.  This tausch I stayed in Spandau.  We got a lot done and I learned so much about everything.  We found this one lady who is Atheist and she had interest in the Book of Mormon and what is after this life.  So we are excited about her.

Saturday:  We had dienst (service) which was awesome.  Then we had weekly planning which is not so fun!  Then we went to an activity at the Tiergarten Church.  We brought along one of our investigators, Mohammed.  It was so fun; we played basketball and soccer.  I'm a little rusty, but hopefully that will get better, haha.  Anyways, after that activity, we taught the 2nd lesson to him on the train.  It was awesome, he has a lot of interest.

Sunday, church was really good; no argument in Priesthood Quorum for like the first time ever!  Then we went to this really cool German Family's house for lunch.  This is an older family and they gave us A & W Root beer, which is the rarest thing ever in Germany!  The food was also good too, it was a traditional German dish, roasted duck.  It tasted way good.  He showed us his wood carved pyramids for Christmas and those are amazing.

We had a lesson with a guy, that we were a little worried about.  Turns out, he is a bit crazy.  We walk in the apartment and immediately you can tell something is off.  There are hearts drawn all over the walls and he has a lot of stuffed animals.  But we still had a lesson with him, he is mostly there but he is just a bit childish.  He had prepared all this stuff for us to eat.  So he asked us if we wanted some apple juice.  We couldn't say no, although it was in a sketchy container.  So he poured me a glass, then he poured my companion a glass.  In my companion's glass there was cigarette ashes, no joke.  He put it to his lips, but didn't drink it.  I drank mine!!?  After that we got a ride back from a member, and they immediately asked us if we had been smoking, cause we smelled so much like smoke from the guys apartment.  His friend was smoking in the house while we were there.  It was so healthy for us!
We are trying this week to keep all of the people we find and not let them just turn into contacts.  German is coming, but still need a lot of work with it.
Mom, could you find out when the Spangenberg family reunion is in the town of Spangenberg?  The reason is that another Elder who is from the USA but has a German last name, got to go to a family reunion on his mission.  President Kosak actually encouraged him to go, even though it wasn't in his area or zone.  So if you could find that out, then President might let me go to it, and I could meet our relatives still in Germany.
Elder Spangenberg

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