Monday, March 28, 2016


This guy loves Sherlock Holmes and calls himself Sherlock.  He loves the missionaries and everyone in the city knows him, he is pretty funny!

Happy Easter Everyone!
First off, Happy Birthday to my brother Lincoln, who turns 12 this week!  We had a good week, full of member appointments.  Kristijan is doing great!  We gave him a big photo of the temple that he can put on his wall and he was really happy.  We taught him about the fall of Adam and he understood it perfectly!  Most people have a hard time understanding it, but he understood it and believed what we said.  He just needs to come to church and then he can be baptized.

Well one thing that happened this week unusual, was going to a Jehovah Witness Sacrament meeting.  This only happens once a year.  Our Ward Mission Leader meets with them and they talk about what they believe; don't worry our ward mission leader has a strong testimony, so there is no worry there.  We went with him because it's only a once a year experience.  The people were really nice and we got along with them. I don't know what everyone knows about the Jehovah Witnesses so I'll explain a little bit.  So they believe that 144,000 people will be saved and live with God, so equivalent to us living in the celestial kingdom.  For the others who were not saved, they can still get eternal life but not with God Or Jehovah , yeah that's pretty sad.  And only the 144,000 can take the sacrament, keep in mind that it's 144,000 of all the people that have ever lived on the earth.  So they passed around the Sacrament after talking about it for an hour, but nobody partook of it.  I asked our Ward Mission Leader what would have happened if I had taken some of the Sacrament.  He said that it would not have been good!  SO yeah, everyone just passed the tray from the aisle. They said you can take of it, if Jehovah tells you that you are one of the 144,000 and if you take it, then they write your name down and keep track of all the people who have taken of it.  Another weird concept is that they believe that we die because we sin, not because that's just part of life.  My companion and I wanted to take a selfie there but I left my iPad so we didn't, but they gave us some of their booklets and bibles and they were really nice to us, so that's cool.

We just had our Easter breakfast today and we had 2 investigators there!  One of them is an ewigator, which means he has been an investigator for like 5 years.  Those are the people that are too stubborn to change or who knows the reason to be honest.  But we also had a new investigator show up that we found!  Her name is Mai and she is from China, she is really cool.  We found her talking to people on the street this week.  The ward was super happy and excited when she came, and she made some great friendships.  Actually her and our new ward mission leader's wife have a lot of things in common.  They both work at the same mall and are both foreigners, but married to a German and they both speak English!  We have a couple of appointments with her so hopefully everything goes good, she even took a Book of Mormon in Chinese!

Yes, my companion knows the missionary that was hurt in Brussels.  They went to Lone Peak High together, not good friends just know of each other.  Because of that event, we are not allowed to be in groups at the train station anymore.  So we can't wait at the train station for our train, we wait outside till like 10 minutes before our train comes, then we go in, but that's only in big cities.

 I'm so tired of the people here talking about Trump.  They say all he has is money and if he is the president then everyone will be against America and he could create World War 3.  Has he won the republican nominee?

I hope everyone had a Good Easter.  I know that Christ rose from the grave and because he did, we can too!  He lives and I know it.  Have a great week!
Elder Spangenberg
Our companionship slogan, Don't worry, be happy! 

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