Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Being sick as a missionary is not fun!

Well the flu has been going around the ward and of course the missionaries catch it.  So this week was "out" week.  Being sick is the worst, you can't do anything except sit in the apartment.  We still did teach some people this week.

 This referral we got from a member is so legit!  We had a lesson with her and we talked mainly about Joseph Smith and it was awesome, she has a lot of interest and really wants to learn.

Yeah, we listened to the world wide mission conference.  However the mission told us the wrong time, so we only saw the last hour.  But my companion and I watched it again throughout the week.
We go to Gluckstadt for district meetings.  You asked about my favorite way of finding contacts... well I like to go street contacting.  We also meet lots of people on trains because we travel a lot because of the apartment situation.  Which  was just fixed!

 The mission fixed up our apartment so now we can live in Pinneberg again.  They are replacing almost all of the furniture in the apartment, but I'm just happy to not travel an hour to get to our apartment every day.  All the mold was  removed and it was all repainted.  They also took about 4 couches out, so now we have space there.  I'll send photos of it next week.

 My companion and I still get along great. He is just really chill and also hard working, but at the same time he likes to have fun.   He cooks eggs every morning and we both cook the other meals together,

 It's still really cold here.  Have a great week!

Elder Spangenberg

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