Thursday, January 28, 2016

Pinneberg's Poppin!

Elder Spangenberg with Elder Partridge

Hey everybody!  This week was great!  I got my new companion and we are doing great together! We get along so well and work really hard together!  We talk with each other all the time, probably more that any other companion I have had!  And as a result of all that we saw a lot of success this week and now we have lots of people to teach.  This area has totally turned around now and it's great to see that.

We received a referral this week as well and we are really excited to meet with her.  She already knows about the church because she lived in Bremerhaven which used to be mostly Americans at church there because it was a navy base and some of the navy men were Mormons.  We are still living in another city because of the mold in our apartment.  This week looks great because we have lots of appointments which I haven't had in this area.

 Another cool thing is on Sunday we went to a Ukranian family and had Ukrainian food.  It was really good, we had this soup called borscht or something like that .  It looks really weird but tastes really good.

It's really cold here and it snows every once in a while but mostly just freezing cold.
Things are really looking up and we see great potential in this area.

Elder Spangenberg

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