Monday, July 13, 2015

Pday at Hamburg Rathaus!

Hamburg Rathaus- the city or town hall.  After the Great Fire of 1842 destroyed the old city hall, this building replaced it with construction from 1886 to 1897.  Built during a period of wealth and prosperity in which the Kingdom of Prussia defeated France in the Franco-German War. It cost 11 million German Gold Marks to build.  There are 647 rooms. It still houses its original governmental functions with the office of the first mayor of Hamburg and the meeting rooms for Hamburg's parliment and senate.

The Courtyard has the Hygieia Fountain.  Hygieia is the Goddess of Health in Greek Mythology and the surrounding figures represent the power and pureness of water.  It was built in rememberance of the Cholera epidemic in 1892.
Map of the fire in Hamburg, the red is where it was destroyed.

They gave these chairs normally for wedding gifts back then. It is really beautiful!

Parliment Floor
Look at the right corner, that is the original paint.

No bombs during WWII for this.  One of the bombs landed just outside of it.  Luckily it didn't explode, this is the detonator of it! 


Statue from South America because at this time, Hamburg was the only state in Europe to accept South American succession.

Look closely, notice how there is a blank space under the Catholics arm.  Well the original painting had a person bowing to him.  They painted over it because the only thing a Hamburg citizen bows to is God.  I thought that was so cool!

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