Monday, January 12, 2015

Ist Transfer Complete!

Grant and Elder Fowler at the Internet Cafe emailing on Pday!

Saturday was the 6th Saturday, which meant Transfer Calls!  We had to stay in our apartment for forever because we aren't supposed to leave before they came, and the APs were 3 hours late with them.  Me and my companion are staying!  One sister in Spandau is leaving and one is staying and training a new missionary.  After that we had a normal Saturday doing service.

We went on companion exchanges twice so I was in a different area for 2 days.  It was fun, we taught one investigator, who of course read up on the internet, and learned about polygamy and Joseph Smith having more than one wife.  So that was hard but now she's on baptismal date so Yeah for the Glienicke Elders!

After that was mission tour and we had Elder Kopischke and his wife came to talk to us.  He is in the Presidency of the Seventy and was President of the Germany Berlin Mission ten years ago.  He is from Germany and he talked about faith.  It was during this lunch that President Kosak told me in front of the other missionaries that he was very proud of me and what our companionship is doing. That was nice to hear!!  I'm sad he is leaving in July.  We did hear about the new Mission President being also from Southern Germany.

Sunday, we went to a members house to eat and he works with a Spangenberg, so that's cool!  Somehow we have to be related because it's not that common of a name, even in Germany.

We did a ton of book work and long story short, we have over 70 former investigators we are going by to establish contact.  So yeah, big things are happening in Spandau!

Lesson learned for the week: (Editors note: Grant was asked about something he learned during the week.  This was his response:)  I had been praying to find more investigators this week because most of ours were gone.  We weren't able to go finding that much because I was in a different area for 2 days and had mission tour.  However, on Sunday we went to church and halfway through sacrament, the usher pulled us aside and said, some man just walked in the church he had never seen before.  The man ended up being deaf, but we were able to communicate to him through writing and now he is a new investigator.  So I learned the Lord really does answer our prayers and he helps us!

Editors note: Grant was asked about what was hard on his mission.  This was his response:  Everything!  Language especially, talking to random people is pretty hard too, Adjusting to missionary life is way hard also.  It's a lot harder than I thought!  However, it's also very rewarding.

Elder Spangenberg

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