Monday, January 26, 2015

3 Month Mark!

This is my animal hat.My companion has one like it except his is a jaguar.  That's the key board that I play every night, Brother G gave it to us.

For P day we went to Zoologischer Garten and checked out some shops.  My companion and I both bought German Soccer Jerseys and had our names put on them.  We also went to this second hand shop and my companion got this hideous tie, that he thinks looks beautiful!  It looks just like a tablecloth!  We also bought these pretty cool animal hats that give us more comp unity! ha ha

We had a tough time finding this week.  We did have a good conversation with a Muslim.  They are generally pretty stubborn about what they believe.  All they say is, Well the Koran this and the Koran that.  He said he would read the Book of Mormon if we would read the Koran.  We obviously can't read the Koran, but he said he would look up our church.  Great, another person who will google Mormons and see the stuff about polygamy and that.  We also talked to an Atheist.  He talked himself into believing there is a God while we were talking to him... But no interest in the church.

Our deaf investigator took us to a cafe and then ordered coffee for us.  He then wrote,"Why are you not drinking your coffee?"  Then I pulled out the Word of Wisdom pamphlet and he started laughing.  He thought it was hilarious for some reason.  So he brought his tablet and he has just about every single app there is about the LDS church.  It was awesome!  He is definitely interested in the church.  We are now trying to find someone who speaks German Sign Language.  He pulled up a Jehovah's Witness video in sign language.  He asked why we didn't have one.

Monday, we had a lesson with Brother H. It was a great lesson, we talked about the Book of Mormon and the importance of it.  It did get side tracked when he brought up the topic of abortion and birth control.  Anyways, we brought it back on track and read Moroni 10:3-5.  He loved that scripture.  He was like,"Wait you can pray and God will tell you this book is true?"  We were surprised he had never been taught that because it is one of the first things you teach.  He even marked the page.  Then we read the intro and he loved that too.  It was a great lesson filled with the spirit.

Brother G!  Well obviously he didn't get baptised  on Saturday!  We went and had a lesson with him on Thursday.  The first 45 min of the lesson was just nonsense!  He was talking the whole time about why he couldn't be baptised.  Stuff like, "Well what if I become less active when I'm older?"  "Look at that member they are less active now" and other little excuses that really didn't make sense.  Finally, we were like," Look those reasons aren't reasons, You know you need to be baptised, so do it!"  Then he was like, "Okay, yeah let's pray."  It actually turned into a good lesson other than the first half, which was a train wreck. :

Sunday, we had 2 investigators show up...Brother H and Brother G! It was great.  (Editors note: Both of these brothers have been investigating for years.  One is married to a Buddhist and the other is married to a Muslim.  The spouses are not interested in the church) After church there was a baptism for an 8 yr old African.  It was really cool and it reminded me of my baptism when I was 8.  After the baptism they served African food.  It was good!  There were fried bananas, but they didn't taste like a banana, kind of like a potato.  And we also had this African bean stuff with meat.  I had a few plates of it!

That's my week!  We just established contact with a couple of other investigators so hopefully we will have more lessons this week.  Today for Pday we are going to Museum Island, which is world famous.  I'm pretty excited, they are all different things so it should be interesting.

Oh I almost forgot, last night we went to this member's house and she pulled up this website to search last names.  There was page after page of Spangenbergs. All of them are in Germany.  We were able to find Pete's Grandparents in Germany, it  was way cool.

We should be getting Ipads next month hopefully.  If that happens, then we will probably do emails later in the day from the church, so you won't have to wake up early in the night.

Elder Spangenberg

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