Monday, January 19, 2015

7th Week in Berlin

Us at the Banhoff before Sister Stacey got transferred to Bremehaven
(Sister Stacey, Sister Titensor, Elder Fowler, and me)

Great week but not the best numbers!

My German is a lot better and I can understand people when they speak.  This past week there was a leadership meeting and I attended because my companion is a district leader.  The whole meeting was in German and I understood the whole thing.  It was great!

I'm playing the piano everyday and I am trying a new hymn each time. I play in Priesthood every week.  I'm really enjoying it.

Me and my companion gave ourselves haircuts because we didn't want to waste Pday time on it. So we buzzed our heads. haha It doesn't look that bad actually and we won't have to get another haircut in like 2 months!

On Pday we went to the museum called, The Story of Berlin.  It was amazing, the best museum I've ever been to.  It had all of Berlin's history.  At the end we got to go down into a cold war bomb bunker and that was a really cool experience.  It was huge and could hold 3,000 people.

Tuesday was transfer day.  My companionship didn't change but the sisters did,  so we went with the sisters to Hauptbanhoff (train exchange place) and helped with their luggage.  The sister here that was transfered had 2 bags that each weighed over 70 pounds!   We helped all the missionaries there.  So we were at Hauptbanhoff for most of the day.

Wednesday, we went to the mission office building because my companion had a package and a sister had 2 in our district, so we spent most of the day traveling.  We also needed new Book of Mormons in German.  So we stuffed our bags with them and we got to ride in the new mission car on the way back to the train station.  It was pretty cool.

  My companion had a birthday and I took him out for Sushi at a Sushi Bar! His Grandma sent him a package and put a sports page from the newspaper in it.  That was way fun...a lot had changed!

Thursday, we met with Br. G.  It was a great lesson, however, he still has doubts about baptism.  Like how he doesn't have a calling now and we explained you can't have a calling until you are a member and he knows that, but he still brings it up.  We gave him the best lesson we have ever done, but it still didn't erase his doubts.  We got him to think about some things so that was good.

Friday, we went finding and didn't get any new investigators.  We did talk to some really cool people.

Saturday, we decided to meet with Br. G again.  It was a good lesson again.  However, he still kept going back to his doubts. so baptism isn't going to happen this week.  He did say he knows this church is true and he wants to be baptized, but he won't do it. It's hard and frustrating.

Sunday, we went to a really cool members house.  They are British so they have the best accent.  It was nice to talk in English with them.  We had knodel which is my favorite German food.  It's like a potato ball with wheat in it.
 Also, on Sunday, this man walks into church saying he needs money and assistance to get back home.  He proceeded to tell us a sad story about how he is being persecuted here and how he wants to go back home.  Europe is still rascist a little bit.  Africans are not treated the same here, it's pretty sad.  So we sent him to a place to get help and hopefully everything works out for him.

Well that's my week.  Transfer week is always a little different so hopefully we'll have better numbers this next week.  Hey, I did better on the pictures, Mom.  Even pictures with me in them!

Elder Spangenberg

The missionaries at a member's house for Family Home Evening

Me any my Companion on the train with Fred, a recent convert.  He is really cool.

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