Tuesday, August 11, 2015

1st week of a new transfer!

 He re is one of the best member missionaries I know!   
  His name is Hadi and he's from Iran. 

Things are going better this week and we spent a lot of the week traveling to meetings so that was fun.  I was sick for part of it, but we still got some work done.

The Memetoviches are doing good.  His wife tried to have family prayer this week so that's great.  He was the only one to come to church this week for our investigators.  We also met with a less active and she ended up coming to church as well!  This week was filled with member appointments.  I don't think I have ever been more full than after all those member appointments!

Church was special, because someone got back from their mission .  He went to the England Manchester Mission.  He's really nice and talked in his homecoming talk about following the keys, specifically the priesthood keys.  That means we should always follow our leaders (mission presidents, bishops, and especially the prophets).  He said his mission president would always talk about it and it was part of their slogan.

Our mission slogan has been changed to: Faithfully we baptize, focused on the blessings of the temple.  Speaking of the temple, a lot of changes have happened in our mission surrounding it!  Now there are temple visitor center missionaries in our mission!  It's kind of odd because the temple is closed but it's going to be awesome once it is open again in May.  Also we can go to the temple once a month no matter where you are in the mission!  The catch is that you have to pay for it with personal money or have a member take you but that's still a great opportunity to go visit it!  You asked how to pronounce it.. It's "Fryberg".

I am getting a lot better at soccer, especially goalie.  It's really fun  to play with the members every week.  You get to know the young men really well.

I was reading about pride today and especially about pride and satan.  Pride was satan's biggest weakness!  I am really trying to serve other people.  You are right Mom, Joye Boman is so great at that!  Well that was my week.  We finally have planners on the Ipads so we can plan out the week  really well.

Elder Spangenberg

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