Monday, February 9, 2015

Another week down!

 Spandau Missionaries with Bishop Schlief

Monday, we went to Bernauer Strasse.  That is the street where the wall was.  It was really cool, they had poles showing where the wall was.  They also had things that marked where the escape tunnels were and the houses that people would jump out of to get to the other side.  It was very interesting and I have lots of photos from that.

We also had a lesson with Herr Ferch. In case I forgot to mention, Herr means Lord, they call each other Lord and Lader, hence Herr and Frau.  Herr is not his first name.  Anyways we had a great lesson, we spoke about baptism and he said he would be baptized when he finds out the church is true.  And he had already been praying about baptism!  So yeah pretty great stuff.  Herr Ferch is awesome.
We also had a lesson with Br. Greb.  I have no idea why we call him Brother and not Herr Greb!   But it was just like any other lesson with him, us just bearing testimony he is ready.  We finally said, "You are ready, you know it, you have no reason to not be baptized and we don't have anything else to say".  He just said , "Yeah, I know" but doesn't do anything about it.  So we are going to take a break from meeting with him for a bit and hopefully that will get him to do something.

Sunday, we had a guy walk into church wanting a picture of Jesus praying so that was cool.  That investigator I found last week, we went by and we think it is a fake address, but we do have his phone number so we will try and get in contact with him.  We had an appointment fall out with Alfred this week as well and were not able to get in contact with our other investigators so hopefully that will change this week. 

We were not able to find any new investigators this week.  It snowed almost every day and it was freezing sold.  One day it was -2 Celsius.  We had some good conversations with people.  We almost got one lady interested.  She asked us where our church was and about the Book of Mormon.  Then she just had no interest after that and walked away.  My companion was also sick this week, so going out into the cold would not have been good for him.  I also tried to go to the dentist this week, but the lady didn't recognize my insurance card, so we will try a different one this week.

I'm doing great.  There is only 2 more weeks, then I will officially not be a greenie anymore, ya!
Elder Spangenberg 


        Those poles are where the wall was.  Those blocks are where tunnels were.
 Picture of the famous photo of the east soldier jumping over the wall as it was being built.
 Model of the wall going through Berlin.  If you look closely you can see where the wall is.
 Picture of the anti vehicle things they put up.  People would really ram their cars into the wall hoping that it would break it.  They tried to do anything to escape.
 Picture of me compared to the wall.  It is pretty huge!

 Picture of the church by the wall.  The Soviets ended up tearing down the church.
 Photo of a man jumping out of a house to the other side of the wall.  They ended up putting boards over the windows so that people wouldn't be able to do this anymore.
 Chronology of the wall
 Rest of the Chronology of the wall
 Picture of what it would have looked like back when the wall was up.  That tower is a watch tower and the middle is the dead zone!
Picture of a sign promoting Berlin hosting the Olympics.

Picture of the street.  That round  building is a church where the old one was.

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