Wednesday, November 26, 2014

5th Week at the MTC!

One more week till Deutschland!

This week was a good week at the MTC!

We had a really cool experience with our real investigator. He didn't know the Book of Mormon was true so we shared our testimony of it and talked a lot about it. He said he still didn't know and we asked him to read and he said he would try. Anyways that night as we were returning from dinner we saw him on a bench in the dark with a flashlight reading the Book of Mormon! It was sooooo cool to see him reading it for the first time.
Our other investigators are doing good too.

This week I gave my first priesthood blessing! One of the sister in my zone wasn't feeling great about serving a mission and was having some trouble at the mtc. She asked me to give her a blessing I did and it was amazing the spirit in the room when I gave it was so strong I cried after and so did some of the other people in the room.

I got my travel itinerary and I'm in charge of all the missionaries at the airport that are going to Berlin so that's a pretty tough task haha. Especially since some of them have never flown on an airplane before. We fly to Seattle then the Amsterdam then Berlin it's a really cool flight we go over Greenland and Iceland so I'm excited!

This week we are going to have 2 general authorites speak at the mtc. Last night elder Oaks did and he talked a lot about how it's the lord's time not ours and how we shouldn't be silly and goofy but that we still should express ourselves in a good way. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and there's a huge program planned. Another general authority is coming for thanksgiving and supposedly that's elder bednar! I can't wait to hear what he has to say he always says good talks that people will quote for a lifetime. Also on thanksgiving the mtc is making 350,000 (yes that number is correct) bags of food for less fortunate kids and families by having all the missionaries come together and make about 60 bags each it's going to be really cool and we also watch a movie that day and supposedly it's Meet the Mormons so hopefully it is that.

Anyways I'm doing still really good at the MTC I've only gained 4 pounds which is surprising cause I eat way more than anyone else and they've gained over 10. No mischief this week we decided to finish our stay here strong. The German is going very well I'm surprised and happy! Love you all!
Elder Spangenberg

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