Wednesday, November 19, 2014

4th Week at the MTC!


This week has been very good!  First of all we committed one of our investigators to baptism.  It was really cool!  This was only his 5th lesson and he was drunk when we first came, and he slept the whole time so we progressed a lot.  It was really cool the spirit in the room when I asked him to be baptized was amazing.  We weren't planning on having him commit that lesson, but I felt that I should ask him and it turned out great!

Also our other 2 investigators also went to church including the real investigator.  He thought church was really cool, and not as weird as he thought it would be, so that was good.

The German is actually coming along well.  I'm very surprised I can hold a conversation in German now.  It's amazing what the gift of tongues can do.  Our teachers don't even talk in English anymore and we can understand 90% of what they're saying.

I love our main teacher, his name is Brother Jones.  He just returned from his mission to the German speaking Alpine mission in August.  He's really cool and helps us all a lot and is fun.  We all love it when he talks in what's called Weinerish.  It's the accent that the Swiss and Austrian people speak with and it sounds so funny.

                                    These are the German Speakers at the MTC.
Some of the Russian missionaries on our floor locked themselves out of their room.  SO instead of doing the easy way of going to the front desk for a key,  we attempt to help them break in their room through the ceiling.  We were in the process when our branch president walks through the doors to our resident hall.  He sees my companion's arm in the ceiling and about 25 missionaries surrounding us.  Luckily, he didn't get mad at us though so that's good, he just said,"I have a better idea".

I'm playing the piano in Sacrament next week.  All singing is done in German.  The tunes are a little different.  I am practicing piano every other day.  Thanks for sending me with the German Hymn book.

On Sunday, I have meetings all morning because I am the District Leader.  Then we have Priesthood Meeting and then Sacrament Meeting.  My companions and I are also in charge of preparing sacrament and assigning people to bless and pass it.  After sacrament we go on a temple walk.  Then finally we have a fireside and then it's bed time.

I figured out we fly to Seattle, then to Amsterdam, then to Berlin on December 2nd.  I'll let you know the time we fly out.
Elder Spangenberg

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