Wednesday, April 22, 2015

2nd week in Delingsdorf

Elder Schulte, Elder Spangenberg, Elder Morton, Elder Bankhead  (Grant and his companion  with the Zone Leaders on the sides) 

On Monday, we went to Hamburg.  Oh my goodness, that city is beautiful!  I would say it is even prettier than Berlin.  We went inside the Hamburg Saturn, which is the biggest electronic store in all of Europe.  We spent the day walking around and taking pictures and buying some weights.  Then I had to lug around 30 pounds of weights in my backpack for the rest of the day, which was not fun!

We had Family Home Evening at our GML or ward mission leaders house.  It was really good.  Our GML is so cool.  He loves American cars and has an engine from a car in his house that he restored.  He even has a plaque and paper for it that tells about it.

Wednesday, we had district meeting and then went on an exchange.  I went with Elder Petersen and got to stay in Lubeck.  He is a great missionary!  He is going home this transfer but he knows everything about mission work.  Besides chatting the whole time we actually accomplished a lot!  We ended up finding 4 new investigators and 6 contacts that day.  It was  amazing!  Our exchange lasted 2 days.

Saturday, we found 2 investigators in Delingsdorf.  One of them is an Albanian man who just started talking to us.  He met with missionaries in Albania and now he wants to meet with us here.  The other guy is in his 40s who is Greek Orthodox.  He believes that church is the church that Jesus started.  He is interested in what we believe.  This week we have an appointment  with him. He knows so much about the Bible, my companion and I know nothing compared to him.

We also had a lesson with an investigator that is moving to a different area and  we had an appointment with the Memetovich family.  They will only be here one more month and then they are going back to Serbia.  Memet, the man, is afraid for baptism because of his job, but his wife is totally ready.  We decided it is better if we keep them spiritually strong and that they get baptised in Serbia, rather than push for them to be baptized here.  We are going to skype with the missionaries in Serbia when we have our appointment with them.

Sunday church was good.  During Sunday School, our GML gave Memet's wife a priesthood blessing.  She can't speak any German or understand it, but she could feel the spirit and she was crying at the end of it.  Man our GML is so cool.  He is the exemplary priesthood holder.  He is always ready to exercise his Priesthood whenever he needs to.   Then we went dooring and street contacting the rest of the day, no success, but that's okay.

We will be traveling to Berlin this week with all the missionaries for a conference and receiving IPads.  They will be teaching us how to use things like Facebook and the area book with it.  It's going to be weird using them, but I'm sure that great things will come of it.

We have bunk beds to sleep in and at first, I got the top and didn't sleep at all.  So now I'm on the bottom and didn't sleep.  The beds are very squeaky and when ever you move the bed squeaks.  I solved that with ear plugs.  I am running out of them though and I don't know where to buy more.

I have had like 3 people ask me if I know a certain Spangenberg.  One lady in the ward was doing genealogy work and there was a person named Spangenberg.  Also I was at the grocery store and the cashier asked me if I knew this one Spangenberg!   And then when I went on tausch to Lubeck, someone else asked me if I knew another Spangenberg.

Elder Spangenberg                        


Hamburg Rathaus

Biggest Electronic Store in all of Europe.  It has 5 stories.

Spandau Missionaries saying Goodbye at the Banhoff

Church we are going to see today.

Bus Pass Photo!

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