Monday, December 8, 2014

First Week in Germany!

Well I'm finally out of the MTC! It took forever haha. So our flight was good  and we all got to everything on time and arrived at the airport safely. The airport however lost one of my luggage so I was without that for a couple of days but luckily they found it and I have it with me now. 

We arrived in Germany on the 4th and we were so tired. We met the mission president and his wife. They seem really nice.  He is really funny but he's also very serious. She is always serious. I'm sure all of us missionaries when we got there were afraid of Sister Kosak but I'm sure she's nice after you get to know her. We took a bus to a church and there we had interviews and lessons. Then we paired off in twos and got to go finding for a little bit. It was very cold. However we did find one man who was a Jehovahs Witness and he said he would read the Book of Mormon and call us, so woo hoo!
After that, they took us to a hotel and told us they would pick us up tomorrow at 11, so we could sleep in because we were all so exhausted. Everybody in my room fell asleep at like 8 that night we were so tired.
Then the next day they picked us up and we had a meeting and we found out where we where going.

I got assigned to Spandau. It's pretty much the heart of Berlin so I was excited that I got to see the city. So about Spandau its only about 15 minutes away from Brandenburg and In the 2 Berlin Zones. On P day you can go to any place in Berlin so this P day we are going to the Brandenburg Gate and the Berlin Cathedral and the Berlin Rathouse.

Then my companion and I took a S Baun ride to Spandau and it was very short. In the city of Berlin they have what's called a Monats card. Which gets you on any public transportation in the whole city with that card. It's great! Their transportation is rated the worlds best. There is no need for a car in Berlin; we have bikes but we barely use them.
We haven't got to teach anyone yet cause we were getting settled in. My companions name is Elder Fowler, he is from South Carolina. I really like him, he's also the district leader so we are always busy. He's also only 2 transfers older than me(3 months) so we both are pretty much greenies.
Saturday was service day. We went to this old building that used to launch blimps and we pretty much ripped a part a whole room. It was kind of fun to destroy something. He wants to turn it into a refugee house; there is a lot of work to do there. He served a mission in England. Everybody that served a mission from Spandau either served in England or the Alpine Mission so most of them know English.

Sunday was fast Sunday and we went to church.  I understood some of church but not a lot. They speak so fast, it is so hard to hear what they are saying. After that we went to a dinner appointment. They fed us so much food! I've never ate so much in my life. First, they brought out a huge plate of salad then a full bowl of soup and I was full by then. But then they brought out potatoes and meat and then pudding and whipped cream, it was crazy! I'm definitely not going to starve here!
So the food:
They have what is called a Döner. It is pretty good and tastes similar to a Gyro. It's Turkish and they load them so big! It's hard to eat it cause everything falls out when you do. Then they have these things called kinder  eggs, which are really cool. It's hollow chocolate with a little toy inside and the chocolate is way good as well. Every food here is cheap except American food. A loaf of  bread is only .7 Euros. My companion said that he and  his past companion only used about half of their mission budget every month.  So I'm going to be eating a lot of chocolate haha.
Well, I love it here!  I would send photos but my camera isn't letting me send them for some reason. Hopefully I can fix that by next week.

Elder Spangenberg

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