Saturday, October 25, 2014

First Day at the MTC!

Dear Family,

Well I survived my first day in the MTC!  My companion's name is Elder Gibbs.  He's from Orem, UT.  He's really cool and we get along really well.

I don't even know where to start it all happened in a blur!!  After you guys dropped me off I went and got my tag, it felt really cool to actually wear one of them.  After that I went to my German class.  Well lucky me, everybody in my district knows German so we move really quick.  Yay! (I'm being sarcastic).  So anyways the teacher literally only speaks German so he just says things to me in German and everyone is like "Gut" which is "good "and I just sit there and say "Nine! nine!" Which means, "No I don't understand".

I also saw Keaton today! Me and my companion ate dinner with them.  Let me just say dinner was amazing! I had unlimited steak, soup, lasagna, and pasta.  Plus they have 2% chocolate milk.  It's a dream come true!  So I'm probably gonna gain some weight.

Finally we had a meeting and then we got to talk with 3 investigators in a sort of role play thing.  The district leaders said tomorrow we teach a lesson in German, oh boy, I can't wait! (Again sarcastic) All the other kids either lived in Germany or took it during high school.  But everyone thinks that my name is awesome so that's cool.

Anyways, I love it here don't worry about me I'm fine.  Pday here is also Wednesday so expect emails then, not Monday.  Well I gotta go to bed I have a big day tomorrow.  I love you guys!!

Elder Spangenberg
P.S. They know I play piano, yippee! And our name is pronounced  "Shpangenbeorg", it means clasp the mountain.

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